Forum Media 2021

1 day / 3 stages
40+ speakers

11 November

Sara Polak

Founder, Startup Disrupt, Anthropologica, Gains4Brains



Sara is a Czech who graduated in archeology and antropology at Oxford University. She owns a doctorate in personal recognising and music. In the past 6 years she worked in hi-tech companies in Great Britain, USA and New Zealand.

She is a leader of czech iniciative in artificial inteligence under The iniciative tries to connect industry, academics, state and start-ups, use talents that Czech Republic has in the field of AI and make Prague the world center of AI. In the center of the interest, there is Neuron soundware – a company which specialises in predictive maintanance and brings revolution into production. That is achieved by audiosignal detection which indicates if the machine is broken. Sara’s passion is helping institutions and individuals to navigate through the next chapter of societal development which will be dominated by artifical inteligence. It will cause a breakthrough in the way our agriculture, state, society and community works. Sara currently tries to achieve exactly that while working in Startup Disrupt and at the same time as a founder of Disrupt House. She wants to help society in adopting newest inovations.

Lecture topic

Artificially Intelligent : Role of Technology in Politics and the Creation of the State

Artificial intelligence, digital, prediction, privacy, GDPR. All these buzzwords are being thrown around haphazardly without the public necessarily being educated about what they are and the reality behind them. One of the ‘verticals’ where this is particularly poignantly felt is in the case of politics – Cambridge Analytica, Brexit, Trump and the general shakeup in the world of statehood and political structures has drawn these two traditionally disparate topics together and begs the question; what’s the future of technologies in politics and the role of the state? After close to 5 years in digital politics and 40 or so campaigns, Sara has seen a lot from all sides of the political spectrum, including both sides of the Brexit campaign, several US presidential campaigns, and the turmoil in various European countries. She’s happy to share her hopes, delusions with the political world, as well as the future of digital and the state and the implications for privacy and the average person in the street.