Forum Media 2021


1 day / 3 stages 20+ speakers

11 November
Chief of Market Knowledge, UNICEF, Switzerland

Omar Mahmoud

Omar specialises in market research in global corporations and international organisations for 30 years. He worked in high positions for world brands such as Pringles, Pampers, Pantene, Ariel, Oil of Ulay, Ovomaltine, Isostar, Voltaren or UNICEF.

He is an expert in branding, inovation, insight, advertising research, conceptual development and behavioral economy. Omar used to teach market research, marketing and business at International University of Geneve. He recently released a book Change for Good: Using Behavioral Economics for a Better World.

Lecture topic

Guns and Toilet Paper: Communication Insights from the Crisis

The main point is that we should move from the rational model of behavior and communication to the psychological model including emotions, social reference and heuristics, or mental short cuts, and we can do so only if we understand the deeper drives behind what people do.



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