Forum Media 2021

1 day / 3 stages
40+ speakers

11 November

Martin Vymětal

New Business Director, Boomerang Communication



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Martin Is able to connect content and business, creativity and effectivity. He often travels to London, Amsterdam and Berlin to gain experience. He will be happy to use his experience for you.

Lecture topic

BoomLab 2.0 : everything you need to know for an effective content strategy

Success of the campaign, long term strategy of the brand or content marketing stands on the base of perfect knowledge of the target group. We present this year’s BoomLab 2.0 research. It scanned Czechs and Moravians through and through and found out what not event the tested maybe knew. How do they watch media? Who from media attracts them? How do they spend free time and what in life is important for them? Don’t shoot unfocused shots, data is there for you.