Forum Media 2021

1 day / 3 stages
40+ speakers

11 November

Juan Señor

President, Innovation Media Consulting,UK



As a partner in inovations Juan directed projects around the world and helped news activities to again create their products and stay in touch with a swiftly changing audience.

Juan worked and advised hudreds media companies across all continents. He works in advisory body of some media companies and also used to be a guest lecturer at Oxford University. He stands behind the shared newsroom in Prague’s Economia. What is more, he is a co-author of two books: Inovation in news media and Inovation in magazine media written under name WAN-IFRA a FIPP. Juan is associated with Cannes Lions festival aswell as he works in an award department.

Lecture topic

Why Fake News Will Save Democracy

Contrary to public perception, the Trumpian onslaught on the media has become its unexpected salvation and, therefore, the guarantor of democratic discourse. Fascinating and engaging presentation most relevant to any human enterprise trying to navigate its way in the age of social media relativity and instant digital opprobrium. Its lessons and insights can help any brand to remain relevant and credible. It reveals how, in the age where everything is true and nothing is true, the truth cannot be manipulated and the media always has the last word.