Forum Media 2021

1 day / 3 stages
40+ speakers

11 November

Jakub Šiler

Head of Business Intelligence, CZECH NEWS CENTER



Jakub Šiler leads a team of analysts, he manages virtually all data from the Czech News Center media house. From the distribution and sale of the print, through marketing, marketing research and advertising, to all digital activities related to online content, ecommerce or even new strategic projects.

He took up the position of Head of Business Intelligence in April 2020. From 2012 he worked at the Kantar agency and later began to focus on the analysis of digital content. He held the position of content analyst at, especially for, with whose creators he later moved to build Jakub also teaches content analysis of digital media at FFUK and FAMU and also participates in academic projects in the field.

Lecture topic

How we try to reorient traditional print publishing to a comprehensive data driven approach

The business intelligence team at the Czech News Center now forms a key pillar of the vision aiming at transforming the media house from a content leader to the position of the most advanced technology player, which sets new trends. In other words, the BI team is helping to reorient traditional publishing to a comprehensive data-driven approach to management and technology. What has been done so far in this mission, what has surprised us and where have we encountered insurmountable limits?