1 day / 3 stages 20+ speakers

11 November
Civic Association, CZ

Initiative Milada 70

Behind formation of the iniciative, there are Michal Gregorini from non-profit organisation Dekomunizace, o.s., the founder of the museum of contemporary arts DOX Leoš Válka, Marcel Vocel from MVP events and Permanent Gig and director of Prague institute of planning and development Ondřej Boháč.

The appeal is to all civilians and institutions who want to honor the memory of Milada Horáková and the anniversary of the unprecedental judicial murder. Staged process served not only to get rid of political opponents but also to intimidate the general public and suppress any expression of opinion that would be in contradiction with the communist regime. To this day the iniciative was supported by people and institutions such as the city of Prague and it’s mayor Zdeněk Hřib, The district of Prague 7, Prague transport company, Charles University and it’s rector Tomáš Zima, National gallery, Vltava Labe Media publishing, Czech News Agency, Korzo Národní association, Soundsquare studio, Václav Dejčmar, Libor Winkler, Pavel Bouška, Aleš Klemperer, Pavel Štingl and many more.



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