What did you gain from the conference?

Patrik Schober

chairman of the board of association of PR agencies

" Traditional media are aware of their current situation on the advertising market with regard to the two main hegemons, Google and Facebook. It seems that they do not know exactly how to build for themselfs a long-term sustainable business model."

Jitka Němečková

press spokesperson of the year, 2019, corporate communications manager, Pilsner Urquell

" A very good feeling that the professionals in the field of communication are more and more aware of the complexity of this communication, despite the trends, different branches and modern channels. "

Jindřich Skrip

head of marketing and communications Kooperativa

" In the past, te majority of the most presenters encouraged performance marketing and the brand communication somehow stood aside. I'm very happy that maybe we´ll see some changes in the future. "

Alexandra Mihók Kvietková

CEO Kosice:DNES Mediahouse

"I especially appreciate the quality of the selected speakers and the large concentration of valuable ideas. In addition to the overall positive impression, this event gave me a lot of inspiration, which I will be happy to use in my work."

Petr Majerik

Former CEO Mediacoach

“A lot of new information abou the latest trends in the industry, a number of meetings with people from the field of marketing communications. Also the knowledge that even in late the afternoon hours it is possible that a marketing konference fills all the auditoriums, this I don´t remember for a long time."

Michaela Pišiová

CEO of PR Club

"Beside new facts about marketing strategies, I took a much more deeper knowledge of the values which I want to stick to in my personal and professional life."