Forum Media 2021

1 day / 3 stages
40+ speakers

11 November

Ben Guerin

Founder Topham Guerin, New Zealand



Simple and understandable message, that is a mantra that the 25 year old digital communication expert and a half of Topham Guerin company goes by. The two founders, who are commonly addressed by some brittish media as “right wing propaganda duo“ are traditionally associated with conservative parties.

Topham Guerin hepls them to get away from common ways of communication and win elections. The company was behind an electorial win of Tory party last year and it also helped Australian Prime minister candidate Scott Morrison to win as a member of Australian Liberal party. Read Ben’s whole profile in a weekly magazine Marketing a Media.

Lecture topic

Data-Driven Politics: How our Understanding of Digital Technologies Changes the Political Landscape

Ben is a founder of a company which largely affects Brittish public opinion. This and much more will be his topic at Forum Media.

If you know how to produce engaging and effective content for social media, web and e-mail; how to coordinate sophisticated data-led digital advertising campaigns; how to design and develop beautiful & intuitive websites, apps and software; how to provide insights through in-depth data collection and analysis; how to manage your digital reputation – and how to bank on the risks and opportunities of digital innovation, you are set to win the next elections. Ben shows you how.